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Frequently asked questions


What does service order status mean?

Status Description
Request received The request has been received by the account team and is awaiting action.
Scope Agreement Pursuant to your service request we are currently in the process of formally documenting your requirements. A scope document will be with you shortly for approval.
Scope approved You have approved the scope of works and a quote is being produced for you.
Awaiting customer agreement Awaiting formal sign off on the quote with a formal purchase order from you.
Solution being delivered We have received your PO. We will be in contact to agree delivery dates and work commencement.
Awaiting sign off Solution has been delivered. Please can you test the solution delivered and confirm this can now be invoiced.
Generating invoices Order has been signed off and invoices are being created.
Completing transaction Invoice has been sent to our billing department.
Order completed Work order is now complete.
Request no longer required The request is no longer required and will not progress.
Request Withdrawn The proposal has been withdrawn by the customer and will not progress.

What does the electronic communications approval process (ECAP) service provide?

The ECAP service provides customers with a mechanism for gaining approval for a new apparatus (electronic communications service) or changes to an existing apparatus intended to be used or being used on Heathrow premises.

What are the typical timescales for implementing new services at Heathrow Airport?

Typical timescales for providing services are shown below:

  • Providing a proposal 2 weeks from the point at which your requirements are agreed
  • Implementation timescales 4 - 6 weeks from receipt of an approved purchase order
Note: These timescales will vary according to the level of complexity of the work and interaction required with third parties i.e. shop fitters for retail units.

Who in Commercial Telecoms do you need to contact?

Below is a list of useful contacts.

Job Title Contact Email Phone
Head of Commercial Telecoms Roberto Segala +44 (0) 784 149 5229
Head of Commercial Telecoms B2B Jason Summers +44 (0) 7841 720007
Head of Commercial Telecoms B2C Jinny Gill +44 (0) 780 811 5969
Commercial Telecoms Account Manager Lola Buckfield +44 (0) 771 307 7158
Commercial Telecoms Account Manager Amitoj Deol +44(0)7540 139 354
Commercial Telecoms Account Manager Tina Bradbury +44(0)7925 643 822
Commercial Telecoms Account Manager Ollie Vallin +44 (0)7568 603 876
Commercial Telecoms Marketing Manager Victor Pencak +44 (0)7752 736 451
Commercial Telecoms Marketing Executive Emily Gascoigne +44(0)7598 607 754
Senior Client Service Representative Bonnie Lantier +44 (0)7703 046 506
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How much do new services cost?

Please refer to the price book by clicking here.

What do I do if I have problem?

If you are uncertain how to use the ordering portal please contact your account manager.

How do I get my password reset?

If you need to reset your password please click here

What you need in order to gain access/request a permit to Heathrow?

Please click here to see further information.