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Commercial Telecoms team update

Published: 19/11/2019  General

We are pleased to update you on some exciting new changes to our team.  

After over 3 years working within the Commercial telecoms team, Nita Barthakur has moved on to a role as a Senior Manager of Employee Communications within the corporate communications team at SITA UK. In her new role Nita will be developing and managing the communications strategy as well as building impactful communications to support the successful implementation of corporate technology projects.

Fabiano Santos has also moved on from the commercial Telecoms team to an exciting new role working as a Senior Functional Analyst in the Information Services team at SITA UK. His role includes gathering, managing and analysing requirements to design new application changes as well as ensuring quality solutions are delivered to business users on time and budget.  We wish them both every success in their new roles.

We are also thrilled to introduce you to two new members of our team. Victor Pencak and Emily Gascoigne. They will now form the marketing department of the Commercial Telecoms team. Emily Joined the Commercial Telecoms team in September as a Marketing Executive. Emily is a Business Management and Spanish Graduate from Royal Holloway University of London who is keen to use her new role as an opportunity to further her marketing knowledge and skills as well as bringing new ideas to the team.

Victor Joined the Commercial Telecoms team in October as the Marketing Manager. With a broad spectrum of experience in marketing, Victor has a decade worth of knowledge leading marketing campaigns for companies in Europe and Latin America.

Please join us in congratulating both Nita and Fabiano in attaining their new roles, as well as providing a warm welcome to Emily and Victor.

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