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Support Services staying at the top of the game

Published: 13/06/2017  General

ICM Airport Technics, a leader in the provisioning of automated baggage handling systems deployed Commercial Telecoms Wi-Fi On The Move (OTM) solution to monitor their self bag drop units in Terminal 5. ICM have found the solution a perfect fit for purpose as it allows seamless remote system connectivity.

Menzies Aviation and Eurocontrol have connected to our ACDM Data Feed to receive active flight data for aircrafts landing and taking off at Heathrow.

Menzies offer landside and airside services at Heathrow from transportation to baggage handling. The live data feed help them pre-empt changes to their operational schedule should the need arise.

Eurocontrol help run safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly air traffic operations throughout the European region, as such the service is a must have for them.