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Wide Area Mobile Data

Dedicated 4G service for excellent coverage to outdoor areas.


For greater flexibility, sustainability, cost reduction. A shared facility for businesses at Heathrow.

Common Beacon Infrastructure

Trigger targeted messages to specific passenger based on their location at Heathrow with our beacons regisrty.

WiFi On The Move

Stay connected to the internet and your corporate applications around Heathrow Airport.

A-CDM Kiosk-PC

Access the A-CDM application via a standard Heathrow built PC.

Managed LAN

Secure, flexible solution to connect customer data and IT systems across all terminals and other locations.

Wireless LAN

Secure, extensive coverage via resilient access points throughout operational areas of the airport campus.


Cisco Call Manager technology providing both IP and analogue telephony for inbound and outbound calls.


Connect your own equipment or use the Heathrow virtual managed service.


Digital based internet television system that is distributed over the Heathrow network infrastructure.


Provisioned as either a dedicated or shared service using Heathrows managed network.

Flight Information Display Screens

Real-time flight arrival or departure information on standard display units.


Keep staff connected with instant communication via analogue or digital radio at a push of a button.

A-CDM Data Feed

Airport-Collaborative Decision Making. Active flight data for all aircraft movements at Heathrow.

Passive Fibre

Connection to fibre when the required network connectivity is over 90 metres in length.

Passive Copper

Complete network cabling service available on a managed basis

Sky TV

Available through the IPTV service in standard definition (SD)

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