Commercial Telecoms


What is it?

Heathrow’s CCTV is provided on a dedicated (secure and commercially sensitive situations) or shared basis (operational situations e.g. to monitor common use areas). Heathrow offers a new CCTV infrastructure based upon digital technologies which allows a far greater flexibility in its use and enables cross-agency collaboration.

Digital CCTV solutions have a very strong overlap with IT technologies in many areas, in particular on its convergence at the Heathrow network level to the use of Internet Protocol (IP) as the transport mechanism, and the use of digital storage technologies and server platforms.

What do we offer?

Heathrow offers tenants access to our common CCTV infrastructure and views are requested based on business requirements. Viewing is by dedicated viewing stations.

What are the target response times?

Our service commitment

Service hours
Service Service hours Service days Critical business period
CCTV live viewing Mon - Sun 24x7x365
CCTV central recording of images Mon - Sun 24x7x365
CCTV viewing of stored images and local archiving to DVD Mon - Sun 24x7x365

Down for all Down for some Down for one

What technical information do I need to know?

The Heathrow system may be interconnected via a WAN, so that operators in site 1 can also view live or recorded video from site 2. Operators in a separate control centre may be able to monitor live video over the network from cameras at any of the distributed sites, and to retrieve and replay recorded video from any of these sites.

Video images may also be displayed on a video-wall, either by decoding the IP streams back to composite video and displaying them on traditional analogue monitors, or by displaying the IP streams directly on large computer screens. Remote cameras – either wired or wireless – may be connected to the system via either a private (e.g. ISDN or leased-line) or public (i.e. internet) network. Similarly, remote operators may be connected to the system from airline headquarters.

How much does it cost?

CCTV Installation charge Number of cameras Monthly charge per camera
Camera (Includes 1 viewing license) £500 1 to 4 £45
5 to 8 £40
9 to 10 £35
20+ Price on request
Additional camera views Price on request
Changes to an existing camera view
Adding new cameras

Why us?

  • State of the art IP CCTV system
  • Our onsite dedicated support team offers you 24x7x365 service and support
  • Retrieve archive footage up to 30 days
  • Reduce your costs to support in a complex airside locations
  • Use our airport certified installers
  • Leverage our extensive airport experience of your location