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What is it?

IPTV provides a digital based internet television system that is distributed over the Heathrow network infrastructure.

The solution involves providing two elements; a data network connection over the Heathrow IPTV VLAN back to a set of IPTV servers; and an IPTV exterity box which is the equivalent of an everyday Freeview box.

The customer is responsible for providing the television for this service.

What do we offer?

  • Centrally managed IPTV distribution system based on NetVue technology
  • IPTV stream delivered over Heathrow’s managed network
  • Exterity AV encoders and decoders. One decoder box required
  • Multicast video streams managed via Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Protocol independent Multicast (PIM)
  • Freeview channels
  • Sky TV subscriptions on a per screen basis
  • One Heathrow network port required per TV
  • IPTV delivered over its own VLAN
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What technical information do I need to know?

IPTV was a natural choice of technology for Heathrow to broadcast television across the airport. It does not require every customer to deploy their own antenna or lay down the appropriate cabling all the way down to its premises. Service is based on a centralised core infrastructure for the processing of the signal, spread out in a digital form over the existing packet-switched network. This means a single system can be used for all users.

What are the target response times?

Service Hours
Service Service hours Service days Critical business periods
Support Mon - Sun
Service request N/A

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How much does it cost?

Installation £300
Monthly £40

Why us?

  • Fully resilient service, leveraging Heathrow’s own Cisco network infrastructure to deliver high availability
  • Wide selection of available channels in multiple languages
  • Cost-competitive and a straightforward bundled pricing model, with no hidden costs
  • On-site technical team provides 24x7x365 end to end support for the solution