Commercial Telecoms

Wireless LAN

What is it?

Heathrow has implemented an airport wide wireless network solution which is available under regulated charges. Leverage Heathrow’s investment to gain access to corporate applications via dedicated SSID’s in the customer demise to tablets, mobile, payment or mobile computing devices.

What do we offer?

The Wireless LAN service operates over the Heathrow Managed LAN. It provides secure ubiquitous wireless LAN coverage through all operational areas of Heathrow.

Using hardware from Aruba networks, it is based on a hierarchical model, with significant diversity, providing the highest levels of resilience and availability. The modular network design means that it can support changing business requirements quickly and simply.

To facilitate deployment of multiple third party services using a single common infrastructure Heathrow operates a WLAN feature called multiple SSID. This feature allows presentation of multiple virtual access points from a single physical access point.

A customer may wish to ensure that their application is fully PCI compliant. The Wireless LAN service conforms to the requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Heathrow network service is aligned with the principles of the ISO 27001 - International Information Security Standard.

What information do I need to know?

Heathrow provides wireless infrastructure within its own demise, includes:

  • Single SSID, configuration and end-to-end commissioning based on individual requirements
  • Operates over 2.4GHz and 5GHz RF spectrum (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Supported security standards: Open, WEP, WPA Personal / Enterprise, WPA2 Personal / Enterprise
  • Supported Encryption standards: WEP / RC4,KIP / RC4, AES / CCMP
  • Supported Authentication standards: Shared Key, PSK, EAP / LEAP / PEAP, TTLS, RADIUS

802.11 WLAN can be expected to provide an adequate service for low bandwidth applications that are tolerant of latency (up to 50ms). There is also a limit to the number of users that can simultaneously access a single AP. The available bandwidth is divided between the users associated to the AP.

What are the target response times?

Down for all Down for some Down for one
Remote fix

How much does it cost?

WLAN Installation Monthly
Managed WLAN £0 ORC*
Design (Bridge Mode) £2250 £0
Design Change £1610 £0
New Design £3550 £0
Wireless SSID Change £320 for one £0
SSID Encryption Change £380 for one £0
Decommission of a WLAN Design (1 SSID) £640 £0
Decommission of an AP £320 £0
*Other Regulated Charges

Why us?

  • Our fully ECAP approved solution fits in with airport wireless transmission regulations
  • Can be connected to your own internal networks via a layer 2 connection
  • Our onsite dedicated support team offers you 24x7x365 service and support
  • Reduce your costs to support complex airside locations
  • Fully integrate Heathrow’s Broadband and Managed LAN solutions
  • Leverage our extensive airport experience of your location