Commercial Telecoms


What is it?

Just like your home broadband, Heathrow Broadband links your IT devices to the internet. Instead of using slow telephone wires we can connect you to anywhere using fast and reliable fibre cables routed via our Heathrow campus ethernet network.

What do we offer?

Affordable and flexible broadband

Broadband services are provided on a per-port managed or non-managed basis. Customer’s can connect their own device, be it an end user workstation, or use network equipment to distribute the internet connectivity across the demise.

Depending on the service option selected, it’s capable of providing internet connectivity to multiple customer locations across the airport, as well as integration with the wireless networks. The cross campus connectivity is securely routed between dedicated customer networks to create a private environment.

Our service options

Broadband Light

Ideal for a single location such as an office or retail store, this option is delivered as a separated connection via an ethernet RJ45 port, customers will need to provision their own router and firewall for connection to the internet. Heathrow Wireless LAN can be optionally connected to the same router via a second RJ45 connection using bridged mode.

Broadband Campus

Ideal for using a common internet connection to serve multiple locations at Heathrow. This option is intended for customers with a Heathrow Managed LAN. Customers will need to provision their own router and firewall typically located in one of Heathrow’s “meet me” communications rooms.

Broadband Virtual

For customers who do not want to have physical firewalls and routers. This option makes use of virtual firewalls provisioned by Heathrow. Typically used to provide an IPSec connection between customers Heathrow locations and head office.

What are the target response times?

Our service commitment

Service Restore time Response time

How much does it cost?

Broadband pricing options

Prices exclude VAT.
Broadband Light, Campus and Virtual are available in all bandwidth options Bandwidth
5Mb 10Mb 20Mb 50Mb 100Mb
Service Line Install Monthly Charge
Standard £160 £45 £55 £80 £250 £420
Premium £160 £280 £525 £990 £2290 £4090
Virtual £4200* - - £990 £2290 £4090
Public static address £200 £10 £10 £10 £10 £10
Public static change £380 - - - - -
*Firewall design costs
Service description — Premium not contended. Standard contended 10:1.

Data usage

There are no limits on the volume of data transferred, neither any threshold that would trigger download speed reductions.

Connection HAL managed network Branches can share data connectivity Customer provided router and firewall Wireless option in dedicated branch
Broadband Light N N Y Y
Broadband Campus Y Y Y Y
Broadband Virtual Y Y N Y

Why us?

  • High speed fibre optic service
  • Flexible service that is scalable depending on your bandwidth requirements
  • Short delivery lead time of no more than 5 working days
  • Permanent monitoring ensures a reliable service
  • 24x7x365 service helpdesk to resolve issues fast
  • Trusted airport team to advise on the best options
  • Minimum term of six months and pay as you go thereafter

What technical information do I need to know?

Technical information