Commercial Telecoms

Passive Copper

What is it?

Heathrow can provide a complete network cabling service within a customer demise or between demises (subject to distance limitations). This is available on a managed basis so customers do not need to worry about large capital costs.

What do we offer?

Heathrow passive infrastructure conforms to EN 50173 and EN 50174 standards to support a wide variety of communications protocols. Heathrow provides a range of cabling solutions between any two points across Heathrow. This service may suit users who want to provide their own active network infrastructure or use other telecom providers.

The service is typically presented to a customer’s cabinet either as a socket or fly lead.

What technical information do I need to know?

For all Heathrow locations the cabling standards available are Cat3, Cat5e and Cat6, depending on the services required. Cat 5e UTP may be used where a floor or area is being added to and there is an existing category 5e infrastructure in place that technically meets the requirements. Cat6 is used for all new installations.

All connections are recorded in-line with the common infrastructure policy, within the Celsius database.

The following are examples only and are not limitations.

Example 1:An RJ45 outlet in an office is the demarcation point, into which the customer’s patch lead connects, or the airport provides patch leads when required to do so.

Example 2:In a communications room where the infrastructure continues beyond the distribution patch panel and includes a patch lead with a male RJ45 connector.

What are the target response times?

Patching request Request completion
1-50 Within 3 working days
>50 Within 10 working days
Out of hours(weekend moves etc) Within 10 working days
Down for all Down for some Down for one

How much does it cost?

Passive infrastructure Copper Installation charge Monthly
£500 £20

Why us?

  • Fast installation of services across many of Heathrow’s terminal locations
  • Our onsite dedicated support team offers you 24x7x365 service and support
  • Reduce your costs to support in a complex airside locations
  • Use our airport certified installers
  • Leverage our extensive airport experience of your location