Commercial Telecoms

Passive Fibre

What is it?

Where network connectivity is required that is over 90 metres in length, a fibre connection must be requested. Heathrow can provide you a connection between two points within our terminal buildings using our common infrastructure. This is for connection of your own equipment and not for delivery of external internet connections (please refer to BT connectivity for this).

What do we offer?

Heathrow uses a single mode fibre. Presentation to the customer shall be in the customer’s cabinet by fly lead, identifying the corresponding destinations, in accordance with the customer’s requirement for an industry standard termination.

What technical information do I need to know?

Optical connectors
  • LC fibre connector is the standard
  • All terminations are fusion spliced of pigtails onto incoming fibre cables
  • Fibre optic fixed links are terminated within either an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) or Optical Distribution Panel (ODP) depending on presentation and cable core count
  • All fibre optic routes are designed to have a maximum loss of 4dB or less
Optical fibre characteristics
Single-mode fibre
  • 9/125 micron step index, dual window (1310/1550 nm)
  • Test results will be issued and delivered to the customer at least one working day ahead of the customer using the service
Demarcation Point is defined thus:
  • Any two outlets between which the Passive Infrastructure connects. The exact point of demarcation is the male/female connection of the Passive Infrastructure to which a subsequent connection made.

What are the target response times?

Patching request Request completion
1-15 Within 10 working days
>50 Within 10 working days
Out of hours (weekend moves etc) Within 10 working days

Down for all Down for some Down for one

How much does it cost?

Passive infrastructure fibre Within building Between building
One time £160 £160
Monthly £25 £35

Subject to Common Infrastructure.

Why us?

  • Fast installation of services across many of Heathrow’s terminal locations
  • Our onsite dedicated support team offers you 24x7x365 service and support
  • Reduce your costs to support in a complex airside locations
  • Use our airport certified installers
  • Leverage our extensive airport experience of your location