Commercial Telecoms


What is it?

All businesses operating from Heathrow can now take advantage of our co-location facility. Along with your dedicated rackspace to securely locate your network equipment (such as routers, servers, storage devices) we also provide heating, power and cooling accounted for in your monthly maintenance plan.

By renting space at the Heathrow shared facility, you can free up valuable space to help generate more revenue, and you do not have to spend time and resources to move your equipment when you plan relocations and refurbishments.

Business Context

As a business operating from the terminals at Heathrow, every square meter of your space should be optimised to bring in more passenger footfall. After all, Heathrow is the 5 th largest shopping centre in the UK and voted as the best in the world by passengers for 7 years running*.

Why do you need this service?

By centralising your equipment in a secure and managed environment you have the peace of mind that your IT investments are well looked after. When the opportunity arises to upgrade your equipment, you can expand within the shared facility you are in or relocate equipment across our Co-Location Facilities.

Moreover, you can reduce cost through consolidation of your equipment, free up floor space and benefit from our inclusive rates for heating, cooling, power and security. In addition you also make your contribution to the environment by using the common facilities.

How much does it cost?

Co-Location Installation and setup Monthly Service Charge
Self contained cabinet (9u) £500 £200
Rackspace (5u) £160 £50
Rackspace (15u) £250 £110
Rackspace (45u) £1000 £300

Authorised personnel are permitted access to communications room with an escort. Refer here for more information on accessing comms rooms.

Customers will need to raise their own security access request.

Escorting charges:
- Full day: £618
- Hourly rate: £90 (min. 3 hours)

What are the target response times?

Down for all Down for some Down for one

Definition of terms

Standard description Service example Service response (Active & Passive)
Down for all Complete service failure (e.g. all check-in or gate desks down) Within 30 minutes
Down for some Partial service failure (e.g. 50% loss of check-in or gate desks down Within 2 hours
Down for one Single user failure Within 2 hours

The SLAs are applicable to the physical infrastructure support only and excludes equipment owned by customers.

What information do you need to know?

  • In accordance with Heathrow’s Common Infrastructure policy you may locate equipment in the Heathrow PCRs - Primary Comms Room, FTNS and SCRs - Secondary Comms Room
  • SCRs have been specifically designed for third-party equipment
  • Make use of common physical infrastructure – our design takes network expansions into account to facilitate technological advances
  • Commercial Telecoms provided passive copper/fibre managed LAN and/or managed WLAN is recommended to make the best use of your rackspace

What we offer?

T5 FTNS - Fixed Telecommunication Network Services T2 FTNS T2 Co-location
Landside/Airside Landside Airside Airside/ Landside
Escort required for access Yes Yes with Airside pass No
Rack type 800X1000 Co-location 800X800 Co-location
Power outlets available Yes
Fibre connectivity Yes** Yes Yes
Host server/comms equipment Yes
BT lines availability Yes**
Airport wide VPN access Yes**
HAL Broadband availability Yes
Controller based WLAN access Yes Yes Yes**
Bridged mode WLAN access Yes

Why us?

  • No capital expenditures associated with building provision and the updating of the Co-Location facilities
  • Flexible contracts available
  • Pricing includes running costs (power, light, heating, cooling, protection from fire and water )
  • Removes the need for equipment at your demise/ premises
  • Provides efficiency for moves and change
  • Allows you to centralise your equipment
  • SLAs – 24x7x365 helpdesk provision

* Source HeathrowLife 2017 issue

** Refer to Technical Specifications for details

*** Do not apply to T2 SCR when you have a landside/airside pass