Commercial Telecoms

Wide Area Mobile Data (WAMD) Solution

What is it?

WAMD gives you a campus wide Wi-Fi network, extending out to those difficult to reach locations at the airport such as the airfield and car parks; so you and your operational teams can communicate and share real time information.

WAMD extends the data network to reach out to airside teams for businesses running critical operations at Heathrow, such as the movement of vehicles - on the ramp, manoeuvring areas and airside/landside roads.

With WAMD you can increase operational efficiencies by:

  • Secure and fast data collection and update from vehicles on the air field.
  • Automating processes for scheduling, call management, time sheets access, and ground handling.
  • Live streaming for deeper analysis to troubleshoot issues and share remedial activities.
  • Live access to documents for installations and training.

What do we offer:

  • WAMD is a managed service with equipment, SIM cards and support provided.
  • 4G coverage in the external areas and remote places across the Heathrow estate where network coverage is poor or lacking.
  • A similar solution to the Heathrow Wireless LAN (WLAN) Network with interface to the main Heathrow Data Network.
  • WAMD helps turn your existing managed network solution into your mobile data network; connecting all your operational areas while working seamlessly.

How much does it cost?

Typical costs:

Network design and deploy Vehicle installation Monthly Service Charge
One off*
per vehicle
per AP**
Estimated Price
Extend your
Extend your SSID
Need only once
4G Robust Modem
Wireless AP
Ancillary hardware
Extend your SSID
Installation and testing
20MBS Downlink
2MB/S uplink
No data cap
Final pricing for the above will be subject to survey
* The one off charge will be applied for a vehicle, or a fixed location on new designs.
** Covers connectivity and ongoing maintenance support for related hardware elements (Access Point and 4G Modem).

Charges include: logical, hardware, installation and commissioning of service

  • Logical – Broadband design, configuration of hardware.
  • Hardware – Includes 4G Modem, Access Point (AP), Antennas, power requirements.
  • Installation – Undertaken by Heathrow approved installation providers and can include customisation, where necessary.
  • Commissioning of services – performance testing of the system and supporting documentation.

Location options:

1. Mobile in Vehicles: This service will provide a mini hotspot surrounding a Vehicle of approx. 30 metres. The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) converts a 4G signal to a Wi-Fi signal for end user devices to connect to their corporate network.

2. Remote location access: This service will provide access to the 4G signal for fixed locations such as car parks and porta-cabins providing a stable and fixed network connection.

What technical information do I need to know?

The WAMD solution sits on the dedicated Heathrow 4G network to provide wireless data network with a Managed Service option. Access to the WAMD network is limited to registered users only.

The solution comprises of a number of elements, summarised below:

  • Dedicated Base stations – multiple base stations deployed across Heathrow , and controlled by the WAMD core infrastructure which is also located within the Heathrow campus.
  • HAL network - The HAL core and distribution network, is used to interconnect the various components of the Heathrow 4G network.
  • 4G Core equipment - equipment that controls the system, and provides the connection between the end user device and the external network.
  • End User Client devices - the end user devices (EUD) will vary from handhelds to customer premises equipment (CPE), or 4G dongles. The actual EUD used will depend on the service being delivered and the various options that we can offer.

For more details, refer to the WAMD Technical Specifications.

What are the target response times?

Down for all Down for some Down for one
Service Hours/Days Critical business Periods
Support 24/7 24/7/365
Requests 8.30-16.30/Mon - Fri N/A

Whilst all SLAs fall under reasonable commercial endeavours, the above is a representative guide only

Why us?

We have designed the Heathrow WAMD solution to ensure it is available 24X7 with a fully supported service availability target of 99.5%.

Additionally, the features include:

  • Built-in resilience at each section which means service may be degraded but never lost.
  • Integrated with the existing secure Heathrow IP infrastructure.
  • Capability of a peak upload of 2Mbits/s per device.
  • Capability of a peak download of 20Mbits/s
  • Capability of providing individual channels to users.
  • Allows specific users to have priority.
  • Provision of over 95% coverage to external locations such as: runways, taxiways, stands, forecourts, airside and land side roads, all outdoor locations within the Heathrow airfield boundary/ perimeter fence.