Commercial Telecoms

Wi-Fi On The Move (OTM)

What is it?

Service on the go

With our Wi-Fi OTM service your staff can stay connected to the internet and your corporate applications around Heathrow Airport. It lets them complete tasks on the move without having to return to the office to connect to online corporate applications.

Helping staff perform effectively

Over 76,000 staff work directly at Heathrow Airport. Together they look after 80.1 million passengers a year (in 2018) across 1,227 Hectares. Most staff require access to business applications leaving them tethered to workstations and physical locations. With Wi-Fi OTM your staff can spend more time in front of passengers, work at the point of service and outside the boundary of a retail shop or an office.

Better performance

Wireless roaming can often be a hit and miss affair, with applications disconnecting as you roam from one AP to another. The processes of device scanning, authenticating and re-associating can lead to a poor user experience.

Our Aruba based service seamlessly associates devices to the best AP to provide connectivity using patented technology. Shifting seamlessly across registered APs takes away the need to reauthenticate as the device roams from location to location.

What do we offer?

  • Over 5,000 Wi-Fi APs providing 98% coverage at locations in and around the airport buildings.
  • Connectivity to key service devices such as POS, baggage scanners, PDQs and handheld devices for real time updates in any location.

The Wi-Fi OTM solution is available as two options:

  • Wi-Fi Roaming
  • Wi-Fi MAC Authentication

Businesses at Heathrow have the choice to go for what best suits their needs.

Why us?

  • Simple flexible data plans with a minimum commitment of only 6 months
  • Add and remove devices easily
  • 24/7 x 365 on-site airport based support
  • Integrate into your Heathrow based VPN
  • Ability to provide customised landing pages on request (additional costs apply)

Wi-Fi Roaming

With Wi-Fi roaming devices can connect back to the customers exisiting Corporate Network at Heathrow. This option is available only to customers with a Managed VPN/VLAN provided by Commercial Telecoms.

Wi-Fi MAC Authentication

With Wi-Fi MAC Authentication user devices on any Heathrow public Access Point can connect to the internet automatically. A pre-provisioned profile based on MAC address is used on the device.

What technical information do I need to know about Wi-fi Roaming?

  • A detailed network design is needed to consider the specific security and access requirements
  • Requires the use of a username and password configured on the policy manager, and to the users' device (as part of enforcement attribute and network access control)
  • Devices will connect to the common SSID called “CT_Roaming”
  • Segregation from other custom users of “CT_Roaming” will be achieved by each customer having dedicated VLAN (LAN/WLAN) with unique username and password
  • The device(s) are placed into the specific roles by the WLAN controller, for which a pre-ascertained and enforceable matching attribute is sent from the policy manager

What technical information do I need to know about Wi-Fi MAC Authentication?

  • Limited to a wireless internet only solution providing up to 20Mbps per end user
  • A MAC authentication check is applied to the existing Heathrow public Wi-Fi SSID
  • Detailed network design is not required. Devices requiring access will be added to the appliances via a formalised request process and tested thereafter
  • MAC addresses of the devices are to be supplied to Commercial Telecoms
  • MAC addresses will be added to a whitelist hosted on the Heathrow servers.
  • User connects to the Public Heathrow Wi-Fi SSID
  • The WLAN controller forwards the device MAC address to the policy manager
  • The policy manager checks the whitelist and if the device matches
  • It gets redirected onto a separate VLAN which in turn direct user traffic out to the internet via the Heathrow Broadband circuits
  • If the device is not in the whitelist it is directed onto the existing WLAN VLAN(s)

Wi-Fi Roaming option overview

Service Element Corporate Access
Authentication User name password (802.1x)
Automatic Re-association Yes, within Terminal/apron
Wireless Bandwidth per device Variable
Wireless Band A/G/N/AC
SSID "CT_Roaming"
Coverage As Requested
Service Customer VPN
Backhaul lines Customer Broadband (BT or Heathrow)
Wi-Fi Landing Page Available on request

Wi-Fi Roaming Pricing

Coverage Design and Deployment Number of devices
1-25 26-50 51-100 Up to 500
 Within one Terminal £3,250 £100.00 £125.00 £150.00 £200.00
Within two Terminals £3,500 £125.00 £150.00 £200.00 £300.00
Within three Terminals £3,750 £150.00 £200.00 £250.00 £400.00
Within four Terminals £4,000 £200.00 £250.000 £300.00 £500.00

* Design change / removal, upgrade / downgrade - Price on request

MAC Authentication option overview

Service Element Internet Access
Authentication MAC address
Automatic Re-association Yes, within Terminal
Wireless Bandwidth per device 5Mbs
Wireless Band A/G/N/AC
SSID “_Heathrow Wi-Fi”
Coverage Where the above SSID exists
Service Straight to internet
Backhaul lines Generic Heathrow Broadband 100Mb
Wi-Fi Landing Page Not available

Wi-Fi MAC Authentication Pricing

Installation Monthly recurring charge
Design & Deployment £0 £0
Add or remove device £150 £0
Number of devices (monthly charge) £0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-50 50+
Price per device £0 £20 £17 £15 £13 £10

What are the target response times?

Down for all Down for some Down for one
Remote fix