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New projects and airline moves keeping Tom more than busy

Published: 09/03/2018  General

Thomas (Tom) Sermon has had a bit of experience with brick and mortar at Aerotel


Plaza Premium are in the final stages of developing a transit hotel inside Terminal 3 under the growing brand of Aerotel. As the first dedicated hotel serving both Terminals 2 and 3, it aims to offer better comfort and convenience for passengers. The hotel’s 82 bedrooms and lounge now occupy the Terminal 3 East Wing area.

Heathrow Commercial Telecoms stepped up to the challenge of providing multiple services to support operational aspects as well as guest facing technology for:
  • Hotel Guest Wi-Fi Solution including Terms & Conditions landing page
  • 100Mb Broadband service to provide internet connectivity for operations and guests  
  • New IPTV solutions for smart screens in each room, eliminating the need for set-top boxes
  • Cisco IP Telephony handset within each room
  • 40" Flight Information Display Screens
  • All cabling, wireless infrastructure and comms room facilities to provision the services above
Commercial Telecoms are proud to have been provided with the opportunity to deliver such a large scale project and will continue to support the infrastructure for the foreseeable future.


DELTA’s new Engineering Offices T3  
DELTA operates flights from Heathrow’s Terminal 3. The Airlines moved their offices from T4 to T3 to consolidate their operations. Commercial Telecoms assisted in setting them up in the new premises with Fibre and IP Telephony.

SAIL – Subsidiary of SAS
Commercial Telecoms completed a very quick turnaround for SAILS’s requirements for VPN extension from SAS (their parent company) with Managed LAN, Wireless LAN and Broadband router with support.


Travelex, a significant user of our Premium Broadband services increased their lines from 75 to 90. Commercial Telecoms values the trust and ownership of keeping Travelex’s operations running in a smooth and efficient manner.