Commercial Telecoms


What is it?

Telephony services offered by Heathrow include both analogue and IP telephony based on Cisco’s call manager technology. The different technologies both facilitate cost effective access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) with national and international access for both inbound and outbound calls.

What do we offer?

The digital telephone lines are based on making use of the existing pan-campus LAN network. Via the network, phones can be managed, configured, and supported by Heathrow staff. The extension numbers and calling restrictions can be set up remotely without any end user involvement. Any saved voicemails are clearly indicated and easily accessible.

Analogue lines are still a preferred connectivity option for certain devices. It can be used to terminate a standard analogue phone, modems, fax machines and PDQ machines. Secure ATM connections or alarm lines also make use of analogue lines. Heathrow makes use of VG gateways on its campus wide network to deliver analogue lines.

How much does it cost?

Line + phone Voicemail IP handset IP Conference Phone Wired microphone Handset expansion module
Installation £150 £0 £150 £550 £140 £350
Monthly £25 £5 £25 £0 £0 £0

What are the target response times?

Down for all Down for some Down for one

Why us?

  • Link all of your locations at Heathrow with a single phone system
  • Our onsite dedicated support team offers you 24x7x365 service and support
  • Advanced features of a Cisco call manager
  • Leverage Heathrow’s corporate discounted call charges
  • Online portal for looking at your call charges to keep control of your costs

What technical information do I need to know?

A range of handsets are available.

Cisco 7861 (Standard handset)
Cisco 8861 (Enhanced handset)
Cisco 8832 (Conference phone)